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Just Peace Mid East

August 23, 2014 The New York Times printed an ad in the newspaper from Over 300 Survivors and Descendants of Survivors and Victims of the Nazi Genocide [which] Condemn[s] Israel's Assault on Gaza. The New York Times appears to have suppressed the ad to the internet. And it would be news to any other major newspaper. An article appears in Haaretz and in the London Guardian. So click the above text on Haaretz, an Israeli Journal, and here it is in the BBC World News. Thanks to all the Holocaust Survivors who were able and willing to speak out.

August 18, 2014 Palestinian Death Toll 274, 1000 to 1600 injured. Israeli Death Toll 1, reportedly by friendly fire, that is, by the Israeli Defense Force. Here is the Guardian article: Gaza conflict: Palestinian death toll reaches 274 amid fierce fighting. Please call your congress leader and ask them to pull the billions in military aid to Israel which we fund. We are funding atrocities and genocide with these tax dollars. Here are some numbers: (202) 224-3121 locally or toll-free 1-800-962-3524. For more contact information visit Contact Congress and other Policy Makers. If you look at the numbers above and you look at reporting in the US, only one media outlet mentions a title with the death count--others don't even mention the count. Yesterday NBC removed Mohyeldin from his post shortly after he filed moving eyewitness reports on Israel's killing of four Palestinian boys on a Gaza beach. He was the most experienced reporter and the only Arabic speaker NBC had covering Gaza. NBC is owned by GE which is heavily involved in Arms and Nuclear Power. Click here to help this man:Reinstate Mohyeldin

What if much of what you thought you knew about Israel isn't true and was quite the opposite?
How is peace possible if we do not know what our 30 Billion in tax dollars are doing in Israel?
This is what a small united group of citizens of different backgrounds found out.

What we uncovered over months shocked and surprised us.
Everything was quite the reverse of what we expected and what is reported by the media.
This is what we discovered.

Billions of US tax dollars are supporting
what is called the worst Apartheid in the World in Israel.
Watch Israel/Palestine: The Untold Story in 14 minutes
you will know more than an estimate of 85% plus of all Americans
and what took us months to learn.
It's time for us to face the truth. Israel/Palestine: The Untold Story, A concise 14 min, 2009, A Must See Video

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Why Would Israel Negotiate?

1) There is absolutely no need on the part of Israel to negotiate at all because, in effect, they have taken just about every piece of land, water or gas reserve of any value in the region once called Palestine (even if it is obvious to everyone that it was the Palestinians').

Why should Israel, a nation founded on someone else's land, negotiate? The only thing that would bring them to this consciousness is guilt, witnessing this selfishness of taking everything, or of kindness or caring for their brothers which the Palestinian people truly are---their very brothers.

While there are activists in the state of Israel aware of this, conscious of the reality of this situation and of the Apartheid their country instigates every day on the Palestinians, they are going to need a lot more help from the world, from us.

2) The Two State Solution: A farce. You think this means what it does not. Israel has no present intention to give back any resources. In the two state solution, in the the plans discussed at the nitty gritty, the idea is for Israel to continue controlling all the resources in the region and most of the land, making the two state solution a complete farce.

3) It's going to take the pressure of nations with a conscience, International World Pressure to resolve this issue and that includes pressure from the United States. The strongest leverage we people of the world have is 1) Economic sanctions and 2) Military Aid. As a country it seems the most important way we could support the resolution of this conflict is to withdraw aid from Israel because we are supporting the worst Apartheid in the world there on the Palestinian people. Yes, our weapons are doing just that.

If you were under Apartheid in this century, wouldn't you too work toward the end of that? Yes, believe me you would. Our nation's founders were just under a king with the main complaint of unfair taxes and they overthrew England. So, yes, believe me you would.

May the conscious people in power in nations bring this to an end, this continuous 24 hour cycle of Apartheid violence on the Palestinians, followed by cries of the Israelis that the Palestinians are hurting us, right after Israel bombs Gaza with untold fire power with our US Weapons and daily assaults of the Israeli Defense Forces on the Palestinians who are without an army. May people be aware of the truth of this situation and come to terms with it.

Why are these Palestinians acting this way?

Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza are under an Apartheid system. In Gaza, Palestinians are widely viewed by prominent political thinkers (Rev. Tutu, Chomsky) as living in the largest open air prison in the world. Gaza is under seige by the Israeli government. A seige is something you might remember from the fourteenth century where you keep your target people from movement and trade. In this case the Palestinian people are kept from movement and trade by land sea and air. This is what the Israelis are doing supported by Billions of US Tax dollars.

The West Bank, an area widely considered to belong to the Palestinians (if not the entire region), is where more Israeli settlements are being built (and also as in Jerusalem, where Palestinians are taken from their homes and the home is either bulldozed or reposessed for an Israeli family), further denying lands to the Palestinians. Rachel Corrie, a Canadian, was killed in the West Bank, by a bulldozer bulldozing a Palestinian home, to make way for an Israeli home.

In terms of water, the average Israeli in the West Bank home is accorded 1500 cubic meters, Israelis in other areas 300 cubic meters per person, and Palestinians are allowed 30-80 cubic meter per person. UN recommendations are a minimum of 100 cubic meters per person (per talk by Miko Peled). This water is from an aquifer that Israel annexed by the wall which also is considered to belong to the Palestinians.

Are you starting to see what's happening here? There is no place for the Palestinian people to turn, they are a people without an army and there is no court to turn to because these are illegal or inhuman laws from a perspective of human rights that Israel considers legal. Again all with support from US tax dollars. This is why the last thing that Israel wants is the Palestinians to be seen in the UN as having the rights of a country where there would be the possibility of charges being brought before the World Court, the only court that might hear the Palestinians, if the world's people can't hear their cries.

11.20.12 BREAKING NEWS: 5 Israelis, 140 Gazans Dead-- an intense bombardment by Israel on Gaza, with over 1450 air strikes at this time on the Palestinians (CNN, JPost). The Palestinian people are being leafleted to flee their homes as if the Israelis will undertake a further bombing or land invasion of this tiny land. We are agrieved by the situation in Palestine\Israel and Gaza. Calling a spade a spade, Turkish President Prime Minister Erdogan says Israel's actions cannot be described as self-defense, but terrorism and an "attempt at Ethnic Cleansing".

Our US tax dollars which support regular massacres of the people of Gaza is unconscionable and must come to an end. Our support must be questioned and aligned with higher values.

Fighting and war are a desparate attempt to communicate with others. While there are some rockets, mostly hand made by pipes and fertilizer from Hamas resulting in rare hits (Jerusalem Post reports 140 handmade rockets) since they do not have sophisticated electronics, in comparison, the damage to the Gazan region, a virtual open air prison where people are trapped by Israel, will be in the Billions such as the damage 4 years ago. Apparently, these hand-built miniture rockets have killed very few Israelis. There is very little such damage historically to Israel in comparison to the damage to the Palestinians.

The Palestinians are an unarmed people, that is, without an army. They do not have means of self-defense except these desparate attempts at self-protection. There is no court in which their rights are protected because their rights are limited in an Apartheid condition in which they have almost no rights, not even to their own homes which can be taken away and bulldozed.

We are hopeful that Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and President Barack Obama can stem the never-ending flow of Israeli violence which begins with the Apartheid and the continued expansion of settlements into areas such as the West Bank, long considered internationally to belong to the Palestinians. We point to this because of the incredible fire-power in use by Israel, as if a tank with M16s are facing a mere child. All this is just before the election in Israel. So, when Israel asks for 24 hours of calm before committing to an agreement, they are only agreeing to stop the war they've created, not all of the checkpoints, the curfews, the theft of water and resources and land that is going on during that period as well. The Palestinians are being terrorized daily by the Israeli government.

We are incredulous that we put up with the usage of our military funds to support an Apartheid in Palestine/Israel and massacre on these people trapped on a decreasing portion of their own land.

It is with great grief we watch Israel take the water, the land, remove Palestinian people from their homes and bull-doze them, so they can continue their expansion. When will the US stop funding these kinds of atrocities? The other thing we learned is that there are US charities along with our US tax dollars that are funding Israel. That's a frightening kind of charity to think of.

We know in our hearts how hard it would be-- if we too were trapped in the largest open air prison in the world, if our farmers and our fisherman were being beaten, we as Americans might be hard pressed not to want to hand build rockets when there are people who allow us only a toxic trickle of water, after all we overthrew a king over the indignity of high taxes.

We as a nation would not put up being in a huge open air prison like those in Gaza, we would not allow a foreign nation to control most of our water and we would not accept the theft of natural gas in our nation's waters. We would not accept our farmers' lands being taken or our farmers being beaten. We would not accept the destruction of and theft of fishing boats or the hosing down of fisherman with highpowered fire hoses. We would not accept our most sacred trees being uprooted and taken for a bank or government building of another occupying force. We would not accept curfews where we could be shot, thousands imprisoned and nearly 20,000 homes destroyed. These actions which are discounted when we look at whose doing what to whom, most countries would consider are indeed acts of war. The fact is none of us Americans would put up with the way Israelis treat Palestinians at checkpoints for hours. This --- is an Apartheid worse than South Africa.

Here is Israeli Refusenik Yonatan Shapira, Former Captain in Israeli Air Force to tell the story himself. By speaking the truth, he is truly a hero for the world. Israeli Defense Forces Captain Shapira

We as a nation and world need to know what the truth of where are tax dollars go in Israel and what we are supporting. The only way to do this is to get news from outside of most media outlets.You would think that what is actually happening to Palestinians was happening to the Israelis by the way the media tells it.

This 14 minute video presented by a Holocaust survivor's grandson gives a summary which fills in huge blanks which the media won't tell you. In a mere 14 minutes you can learn what took us months to understand. Israel/Palestine: The Untold Story, A concise 14 min, 2009, A Must See Video

Just a glance at the facts can turn your head and you can see the truth for the first time...when you see how far off your understanding has been all along it can be shocking: Facts    

A map in a mere second carries a huge amount of information in a glance: Map of Palestine/Israel

Just as we have seen the harm that the Iraq and Afghan war has caused harm to us as citizens-- to our soldiers, to our consciences, if not just economically to our people in the United States with increased joblessness, Israel's war on Gaza will only bring harm to itself and possibly to those who support Israel. We are not immune.

We are, and people around the world are, already suffering at the hand of and thought of what is being done to the Palestinians with hard earned US tax dollars. How can we support this, when we need schools and teachers in our own country?

While it may seem like an odd transition to quote from sacred texts, when we listen to Biblical teaching from Leviticus, a text which is shared by Jews and Christians alike, verse 19:18 states "Love your neighbor as yourself". In Buddhism, it is said that "Hatred never ceases by hatred, but by love alone is healed". And the Quran exhorts it's followers to help the poor. May we grow in our wish to liberate both sides in this conflict over land and resources as both sides are suffering.

Post Script: Some of us suspect that this is the real reason that Petraeus was "removed" from office which also suggests that it is not strategic to unquestioningly support Israel without any standards for their behavior: In 2010, Petraeus said, "The enduring hostilities between Israel and some of its neighbors present distinct challenges to our ability to advance our interests in the AOR [Area of Responsibility]. Israeli-Palestinian tensions often flare into violence and large-scale armed confrontations. The conflict foments anti-American sentiment, due to a perception of U.S. favoritism for Israel. Arab anger over the Palestinian question limits the strength and depth of U.S. partnerships with governments and peoples in the AOR and weakens the legitimacy of moderate regimes in the Arab world. Meanwhile, al-Qaeda and other militant groups exploit that anger to mobilize support. The conflict also gives Iran influence in the Arab world through its clients, Lebanese Hizballah and Hamas."

The General's Son: Miko Peled

Israeli born Miko Peled's talk locally, reaffirmed all of our discoveries presented here that everything, every item we discovered which we summarize here is in parallel with including the shocking disparity of water to the Palestinians and innumerable injustices.

In 1997, Miko's niece was killed by a suicide bombing. Miko's sister Nurit Peled-Elhanan said, "No mother should experience what I am experiencing. No mother, Palestinian or Jewish. And what have we done to Palestinians to so blight the hopes of their children that two young men would be willing to kill themselves and in so doing kill my daughter? The brutal occupation has done this. The enemy is not the Palestinians. It is the extremists in our own political life".

Miko Peled is author of The General's Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine published by Just World Books. Miko describes the people of Palestine as a people undefended, without an army or military. Miko reveals in his book one more discovery that is shocking that is not covered here is that it was not Israel that was attacked in 1967 for example by Egypt, but Israel attacked Egypt from Peled's examination of the minutes of the army archives of meetings.

Israel/Palestine Teach-In

This is a one page website designed to provide you with a solid overview of many issues of Israel/Palestine which we researched for months. It took months to wrap our heads around this.

If you are following the US news we can state emphatically you are likely to know extremely little like we did, however, that may not be your situation.
If you can read 1-9, you will get a quick overview of the issues (3-10 min).
If you can do only one thing on our website please:

1) watch our 14 minute video, part one and part two of

Israel/Palestine: The Untold Story, A concise 14 min, 2009, A Must See Video

This film involved seven months of research. Some of us knew just the names "Gaza" and the "West Bank" when we started. This is part of the story condensed from months of work in one place that is not available through the American mainstream media but will bring you up to speed in minutes.

The facts in this film were checked by multiple sources. What is missing is more about curfews, night raids and torture of the Palestinians. This situation is in fact much worse than South Africa, according to the Honorable Reverend Desmond Tutu in the section World Figures Speak Out, History, Myths.

2) Look at the Map of Palestine/Israel.     The map tells you about the land once considered Palestine which is now held by Israel.
The amount of land held by Israel is over 90%, but Israelis frequently state they are being pushed off the land. But what is in fact true? If anything is true by facts, it is the other way around: there is maybe 3-10% of the land held by Palestinians, this in a land that was once mainly inhabited by them.

3) It took months to wrap our heads around this and what we finally understood is... what you think is happening to Israel and Israelis is actually a much smaller quantity (10% or less, a rough estimate) of the immense amount of dammage that is happening to Palestine and the Palestinians in the Billions of dollars, loss of land taken by Israel, destruction of Palestinian homes bulldozed by Israel on top of which they build homes for Israeli settlers, number of deaths and injuries. And yet you hear about it in the mainstream news as if it were the other way around. That is, as if Israelis had all this mistreatment and incredible amounts of dammage and not the Palestinians. But it could not be more the other way around by an enormous margin. This was astounding to us as a group. Please check the facts.

4) Disappointing to American values, it is our US tax dollars at work 4-5 Billion per year and Billions in loans supporting this overwhelming oppression of the people of Palestine. This is the most funding per year offered to any country and to a prosperous countrty like Israel. The Israeli military regularly conduct nightly raids on homes, ruin fishing boats, kill and imprison Palestinian youth as well as adults. There is almost no recourse, accountability or justice for these crimes against the Palestinian people. The Israeli settlers themselves beat up farmers (see Ranked Videos). The Israelis test American made weapons like the DIME bomb which creates injuries so difficult to treat and White Phosphorous on the Palestinians which violates international treaties. Israeli Defense Forces Captain Shapira who has refused to continue destroying the Palestinian people, describes the incredible fire power used on the Palestinians and his own ethical dilemma. See Ranked Videos for viewing these realities, some of which contain children killed from US weapons and are therefore not recommended for young people.

5) Israel has total control over the people, their incoming and outgoing goods of Gaza in the manner of a seige which if you don't remember from fourteenth century history is a blockade. In this case the blockade is of land, sea and air making it the largest open air prison in the world. Israel is in control of the water, natural resources and off shore gas which rightfully belongs to the Palestinian people. There are few people around the world who would stand for such treatment, including their treatment through checkpoints in the West Bank.

"We as a nation [USA] would not put up being in a huge open air prison like those in Gaza, we would not allow a foreign nation to control most of our water and we would not accept the theft of natural gas in our nation's waters. We would not accept our farmers' lands being taken or our farmers being beaten. We would not accept the destruction of and theft of fishing boats or the hosing down of fisherman with highpowered fire hoses. We would not accept our most sacred trees being uprooted and taken for a bank or govt building of another occupying force. We would not accept curfews where we could be shot, thousands imprisoned and nearly 20,000 homes destroyed. These, most countries consider are indeed acts of war. The fact is none of us Americans would put up with the way Israelis treat Palestinians at checkpoints for hours. This is Apartheid worse than South Africa". Quoted from a comment on the Huffington Post regarding Rev Desmond Tutu's support of UC students voting on a boycott of US corporations participating in war crimes in Israel.

6) Jewish people frequently make the connection between how the people of Israel are treating Palestinians and how their people were treated in the Holocaust and they report being shocked, angry and ashamed that Israel would do such a thing. One of our dear elder Jewish members who fled Europe could not bear the pain of watching our Ranked Videos. You can see her talk about her awakening in Ilse, once a Zionist, Has a Change of Heart About Israel below in Americans Speak Out About the Middle East. Ilse who is of course Jewish, wants American and International Jews to move on from the Holocaust, to stop using it as an excuse for maltreatment of others and deal with the truth of what is happening now.

7) The UN has the most sanctions and attempted resolutions against Israel--more than any other country in the world and the US consistently blocks statements which make Israel accountable. Israel seems to have violated more UN resolutions than any other country. In addition there are many calls by the world as well as the UN Security Council which has demanded that Israel end the blockade of Gaza.

8) Then there is AIPAC, the Israeli lobby acting in the US considered to be the most powerful in the world which has an enormous influence in Congress and the Pentagon. Please see the European Fim, AIPAC, The Israel Lobby in Films.

9) And last, let's address how the American media is complicit in this reporting. A brief example is that the New York Times (NYT) cover will have a picture of a handful Palestinians with guns in the West Bank, but never the picture of the endless night RAIDS, of the Billions in dammage after the invasion of Gaza and certainly not the tanks rolling into Gaza with unimaginable firepower (see Barbara Lubin, who works tirelessly for the welfare of children in Palestine, discuss the war on Gaza in Film: What I Saw in Gaza in the section Americans Speak Out About the Middle East ), or the facts on the loss of Palestinian lives and injuries or the theft of water by the wall, homes being bulldozed regularly or the Billions in Gas reserves off the cost of Gaza that Israel is guarding and plans to take from the Palestinians.

It is the first time we recognized that a photograph really could deceive by giving a false picture-- when you are missing 97% of the facts as we too were missing these facts. This is about being against oppression and an occupying force as Israel is in the region. We Americans, too, protested the British control of our colonies. We seem to forget that so easily as we invade and occupy other countries. If you want to know who profits, American companies supporting the occupation, press here.

We as Americans need to see and know what is there, stop funding these attrocities that are preventing the very peace we say we want. This is about bringing the money home for our schools and for our infrastructure. We will never "win" anything through this kind of action which is based on hate. In our hearts, we know this is true.

Please read our Mission if you have time to understand how our support of Israel is an enormous source of distrust in the Middle East.

May this work be of benefit toward a greater understanding of all peoples and what is presently going on in the region.
May you help the world find peace.

Our Mission

0.   We want to make information available which we have explored so that the American public can make informed decisions about US policy regarding Israel/Palestine. We think it is imperative that the Global Community know this information. We need to know what our tax dollars are doing and how they are contributing to suffering in the world if we are to do something about it.

1.   Mistrust in the Muslim world toward the US is linked to Israel's treatment of Palestinians and is a cause of terrorism. The tension in Israel/Palestine is creating animosity throughout the world and potentially threatens all of us.

2.   The unresolved conflict in Israel/Palestine is draining billions of precious tax dollars from our treasury and leading to the isolation and decline of Israel, America's strongest Middle Eastern ally.

3.  With the rise in terrorism and the number of countries possessing or developing nuclear weapons, we can't afford to waste any more time or money on a policy that supports instability in one of the most volatile regions of the world.

4.   Our main goal is to change US policy toward Israel. We understand that this issue is very complex, emotional and politically charged. However, we see that the situation in Israel/Palestine is not sustainable and that it is indeed a dead end. We need a light at the end of the tunnel, a solution which is sustainable, peaceful and just.

5.   We think that changing this relationship with Israel and the way we support Israel will help Israel normalize its relations with its neighbors, since it is the unqualified support by the US that allows much of this to occur. This change will provide a greater basis for peace in the region and around the world.

Find out what you think. Do something today for peace. The time is now. Make a difference.
Tell Your Friends by email, Facebook, or Myspace, write to Congress, start a project.

Said another way ...

— Your Friends at Just Peace Mid East

Americans Speak Out About the Middle East

Israel/Palestine: The Untold Story
This is a concise 14 min, A must-see video overview of what the US media is not telling you. Unforgettable account of parts of daily life for the Palestinians with the Israeli occupation and apartheid. Ethan, the grandson of a Holocaust survivor, describes in detail, including from his own experience, what is going on in Israel/Palestine. Date: October 3, 2009.

←Produced in cooperation with JustPeaceMidEast and StopBuyingWar. 2009

Former CIA employees Kathleen and Bill Christison: Obama backs down: Settlements are continuing apace, Source: Grit TV; Date: September 1, 2009
Authors of Palestine in Pieces: Graphic Perspectives on the Israeli Occupation. 11:45 Analysis by former CIA agents: Policy is not in the interest of the US and is a root cause of terrorism, enabling a gross injustice to the Palestinian people. Former agent describes his own conversion and root causes of problems with Muslim world. Power of the Israeli lobby is out of proportion in USA. 600 Checkpoints in the West Bank. Middle-of-night raids on Palestinians, night after night.

Please call or write to Obama, Congress. A sample letter provides a place to start.
Ilse, once a Zionist, Has a Change of Heart About Israel (longer version)
Fred Questions The Way Israel is Viewed in the Black Church (longer version)
Barbara Lubin: What I Saw in Gaza, 43 minutes
See your US Tax dollars at work in the is film of the aftermath of operation Cast Lead on the people of Gaza in 2009. Also known as the Gaza Massacre with as much as an estimate of 2 Billion in property damage, not including loss of lives, injuries to people and their livelihoods. For a complete report at

← Part 1

For over 30 years, Barbara Lubin has worked tirelessly and fearlessly for the well-being of the Palestinian people, bringing them much-needed supplies, schools, and medical aid. She traveled to Gaza in July and after the Israeli attack in January, 2009.

← Part 2

← Part 3 "This is our tax dollars at work--- this is our money that has created - helped to create what we are seeing here in Gaza... Some of it was like being on the moon.." Barbara Lubin
Please donate now to help with aid to Gaza.
Produced with the Middle East Children's Alliance:  and
Filmed and Edited by Ed Herzog Productions
Copywright 2009 Middle East Children's Alliance
Please share widely. Permission to duplicate granted.  
Ilse, once a Zionist, Has a Change of Heart About Israel (shorter version)
Fred Questions The Way Israel is Viewed in the Black Church (shorter version)

Entire Films

These are great and moving films. Please watch them with your friends and family if you can.

Israel/Palestine Mission Network of the Presbyterian Church's (USA) Steadfast Hope: A Tale of Two Peoples and Two Realities

AIPAC, The Israel Lobby
Source: VPRO Video (, Netherlands); Date: December 2007; Length: 50:31

AIPAC is Israel's Lobby Operating in the US. It is one of the most powerful lobbies or maybe the most powerful in the world. Amount of aid to Israel and unquestioned support in UN. Not being able to debate the issue in the US. (There's an 8 minute segment with the same title in ranked videos).


Map of Palestine/Israel

World Figures Speak Out, History & Myths

Desmond Tutu Endorses Anti-Apartheid Movement For Israel
Source: US Campaign Anti-Apartheid Tour; Date: March 27, 2008; Length: 2:51

Israel will never get true security and safety through oppressing another people. A true peace can ultimately be built on justice...Pressure on the South African government came from all over the world in a powerful nonviolent movement against apartheid...Challenging nonviolently Israel's Occupation and violation of human rights. Education was the key to building our movement against Apartheid. Heartily endorse...bringing new ideas to people in the United States. We call for an end to violence from all sides.

Video: PBS Moyers interviews Goldstone Regarding Report to UN
Source:; Date: October 23, 2009, 25 minutes

Not against Israel's right to defend, Goldstone, a Zionist, who Last year received the prestigous MacArthur Award for International Justice, investigated Israel's attack on Gaza and it's infrastructure in his report to the UN which included his investigation of Palestinian side.

Moyers: "Your report, as you know, basically accuses Israel of waging war on the entire population of Gaza". Tough Allegations of Israeli soldiers shooting unarmed... shackled, innocents carrying wounded, maybe thousands of homes destroyed, hospitals bombed. "It's a damming indictment of Israel's conduct in Gaza." Goldstone discusses the "destruction of the infrastructure of Gaza which seems to me to be completely unjustifiable." I saw the destruction of the only flour producing plant destroyed, farms destroyed, 10's of thousands of chickens, many family losses of loved ones, 21 members of a single family.. "which will give me [Goldstone] nightmares for the rest of my life".

Collateral damage must be proportional to the military aim, which distinguishes war crimes. Israel's attack on Gaza showed a disrespect for the fundamental Principle of distinction in International Humanitarian Law (distinguishing civilians from combatants). "One sees a pattern of attacking all of the people of Gaza, not simply the miltant". Why? Collective Punishment. 21:45 Bulldozing of agricultural fields [not as though owned by Hamas], bombing over 200 factories, water supply facilities, sanitation facilities. [The owner of the flour factory who was documented allowing him into Israel was bombed.]

If Americans Knew What Israel is Doing
Source:; Date: June, 2007; Length: 3:23

Paul Findley, US Congressman: Why America would close its eyes to the dreadful punishment that we have enabled Israel to inflict on virtually defenseless people. Francis Boyle, Professor of International Law: "You people are inflicting Neuremberg crimes on the Palestinians." Richard Curtis, Career US Foreign Service Officer: "Anyone who has lived any time in the Middle East begins to see the other side." Comments by career Foreign Service Officers Eugene Bird; James Akins, former US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia; and Andrew Kilgore. Physical torture picture.

Israel Must Be Pressured On Middle East Peace Process, Lebanon Tells UN Debate
Source: UN News Centre; Date: September 25, 2009

The international community must step up pressure on Israel to fulfil its obligations to the Middle East peace process, Lebanon's President told the General Assembly, warning that Israeli "threats of attacks and wars" were futile and only delayed a long-term solution to the region's troubles.

09.16.09 UN Inquiry Finds Israel "Punished and Terrorized" Palestinian Civilians, Committed War Crimes During Gaza Assault. Scholar Norman Finkelstein states that the UN Reports ratio of killings 100 Palestinians to 1 Israeli. Israel Flew over 3000 sorties over Gaza. Soldiers said there were no battles, no Hamas. Soldier: "like a child with magnifying glass burning ants". Soldier after soldier: "Israel used insane amounts of firepower". A massacre in Gaza, not a war. Source: Democracy Now Video

09.02.09 The World Council of Churches' (WCC) central committee called "upon the government of Israel to urgently implement an open-ended freeze in good-faith on all settlement construction and expansion as a first step towards the dismantlement of all settlements" and to begin to dismantle settlements in occupied Palestinian territories. It also encouraged a commitment to non-violence and peace negotiations, and reiterated the need for an international boycott of products and services from settlements.

The "Elders," Jimmy Carter and Archbishop Desmond Tutu visit the Apartheid wall in Bil'in - Thursday, 27 August 2009

Israeli Citizen and Professor Calls on a Boycott of Israel, LA Times, August 20, 2009

Desmond Tutu Condemns Israeli 'Apartheid'
Source: BBC News, Date: April 2002
In this article, Archbishop Tutu talks about the humiliation of the Palestinians and states that Israel would "never get true security and safety through oppressing another people". He asks "Have our Jewish sisters and brothers forgotten their humiliation?"

Timeline of Jewish History by Charlie Fisher, Emeritus Professor of Sociology at Brandeis University

Exploring—Rather, Exposing—Some Myths About Israel-Palestine By Ambassador Robert V. Keeley

Sneaking Across the Israeli-Palestine Border (audio/podcast)
Source: Avram Bornstein, Anthropology Now; Date: Oct. 5, 2009; Length: 33 minutes

Anthropoligist Avram Bornstein investigates the the historical and cultural reasons for the violence, mistrust and dehumanization of the Palestinians from his experiences as an Israeli insider and an American Jewish scholar, not to mention what he learned by posing as a construction worker building houses in the West Bank.

In the article listed below, he provides a poignant critique of three myths believed by perhaps a majority of Americans whose access to information is limited to the rhetoric of the Zionist lobby and the commercial American news media: 1. The West Bank and Gaza are sovereign, 2. Israel retaliates only to deter Palestinian violence, and 3. Israel's bombing is humane.

Avram Bornstein, "Three Myths Cloaking the Violence of Occupation," Anthropology Now, Volume 1, Number 2, September 2009, pp. 59–72.

Students Confronting Apartheid by Israel, FAQ

Desmond Tutu and Naim Ateek in Old South Church in Boston
Source: Sabeel, Date: October 27, 2007; Length: 5:07 minutes

Israel can enjoy peace and security if and when it takes a good look at itself, recognizes the grave injustice committed against the Palestinians and implements international law."[Old South church was in the heart of the American Revolution. Nearby Old South Meeting House was a pivotal meeting location for the start of the American Revolution and the Boston Tea Party.]

Mid East Facts (as of October 2009)


Housing & Land
  • 18,147 Palestinian homes have been demolished by Israel since 1967.
  • 0 Israeli homes have been demolished by Palestinians
    Source: Jeff Halper (Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions), October 11, 2007, "Demolition Statistics Since 1967"

  • The "Separation Barrier" effectively annexes additional land to Israel.
    According to the current route, 8.5 percent of the West Bank territory and 27,520 Palestinians are on the "Israeli" side of the barrier. Another 3.4 percent of the area (with 247,800 inhabitants) is completely or partially surrounded by the barrier.
    Source: B'Tselem [Israeli human rights organization], Separation Barrier Statistics

  • Nearly one half of Palestinian children are suffering chronic malnutrition as a consequence of the restrictions placed on travel, trade, and entry of humanitarian aid into the Occupied Territories by the Israeli government.
  • In the Gaza Strip, up to 70% of the general population has difficulties in obtaining adequate nutrition.
    Donald Macintyre, London Independent, 15 November 2008, Chronic malnutrition in Gaza blamed on Israel
    ABC News, Aug 4, 2009, Surveys: Palestinian Kids Face Malnutrition

  • Israel controls essentially all of the water in the West Bank.
  • It uses approximately 80% of the water resources to supply not only the settlements but much of Israel proper as well.
  • Inequitable distribution results in a per capita annual usage of 290 cubic meters of water by Israelis,
  • compared to 22 cubic meters annually (60 liters/day) by Palestinians in the West Bank.
  • The WHO and USAID recommend 100 liters of water per person per day as the minimum quantity for basic consumption.
    Source: B'Tselem [Israeli human rights organization], The gap in water consumption between Palestinians and Israelis

  • As of Feburary, 2008, 8,400 Palestinians were being held in Israeli detention.
  • 1 Israeli (Gilad Shalit) is being held prisoner by Palestinians
    Source: BBC, 16 July 2008, Who are the Mid-East prisoners?

    Since September 29, 2000:
  • 1,435 Palestinian children have been killed by Israelis
  • 123 Israeli children have been killed by Palestinians
    Source: Remember these children, March 27, 2007, "Remember these children"
  • 39,019 Palestinians and 8,864 Israelis have been injured Source:
  • 6,348 Palestinians and 1,072 Israelis have been killed

World Opinion
  • 65 UN resolutions have condemned Israeli actions in the occupied Territories
  • The Palestinians have been targeted by none.
    Source: If Americans Only Knew,

International Law

A United Nations fact-finding mission led by former International Criminal Court prosecutor Sir Richard Goldstone released its findings last month (9/2009) on Israel's three-week assault on Gaza which occurred from December 2008 to January 2009.

Among its conclusions:

  • Israel "punished and terrorized" civilians in Gaza.
  • There is strong evidence that Israeli forces committed "grave breaches" of the Geneva Conventions.
More than 1,400 Palestinians, about a third of them women and children, were killed in the assault. Thirteen Israelis died.
Source: Democracy Now!, Sep. 16, 2009, Democracy Now!

US Policy

  • The U.S provides Israel with at least $7 million each day in military aid during Fiscal Year 2009.
  • Israel has been the largest annual recipient of direct US economic and military aid since 1976. This represents one fifth of the USA´s entire foreign aid budget.
    Source: "The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy," John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux. ISBN 0-374-17772-4.

Ranked Videos (importance by source/material/quality)

Shocking Video: Israelis demolition of a Palestinian home which makes room for Jewish only settlements and roads.
Source: AJPME from Beyond the Mirage, The Face of the Occupation Date: 2002; Length: 52 seconds

60 Minutes reports on Israel/Palestine
Source: 60 Minutes, CBS News, Bob Simon; Date aired: January 27, 2009; Length: 13:09

Comments: Senior CBS Foreign Correspondent Bob Simon, who is Jewish and who you can see gets stunned at points and discouraged during the segment. Facts on the ground in a 13 minute nutshell. A wake up call.

Bill Moyers Reflects on Israel/Palestine
Source: PBS; Date aired: January 9, 2009; Length: 7:57

Bill Moyers discusses Middle East with characteristic depth, compassion and equanimity. At 3 minutes into the program he focusses on Palestine.

Israeli Refusenik Yonatan Shapira, Former Captain in Israeli Air Force (longer version)
Source: Yonatan Shapiro; Date: August 9, 2006; Length: 49:00

At 4:50 "I learned those nice values about my country, values like freedom, justice, equality. I studied those nice values. I did not realize that at the same time,... my country controls, my army controls many people without equality, justice and freedom. It's a long process of becoming aware to the reality you are living in". ...Every week... to send missiles and bombs to target suspects in civilian areas. 10:45 We should stop them... there's a huge difference by using weapons that are used for attacking tanks ... 11:30 totally against the values we were raised on, upon.

Israeli Refusenik Yonatan Shapira, Former Captain in Israeli Air Force (shorter version)
Source: Yonatan Shapiro; Date: August 9, 2006; Length: 6:15

Gaza 2009: Israel's Use of Phosphorous
Source: World News Daily, BBC, C-Span, CNN; Date: 2009; Length: 8:58

A video montage documenting acts committed by Israel in "Operation Cast Lead". Use of white phosphorous on Palestinian civilians in Gaza. Description of how Palestinians are being treated by former Israeli Captain, you might be shocked by images of dead and dying children in this film. Israeli refusers speak. Very graphic images. Not appropriate viewing for children.

Red Cross Rescuers Denied Access To Gaza Civilians
Source:; Date: January, 2009; Length: 2:41

Bernard Barrett of the International Committee of the Red Cross states Israel impeded rescue workers with dirt roadblocks and refusing to grant the Red Cross access to people in need.

Rachel Corrie — Interview
Source: Middle East Broadcasting Company; Date: March, 2003; Length: 4:00

Footage from interview conducted on March 14, 2003, two days before Ms. Corrie was killed by an Israeli Defense Forces bulldozer.

Intimidation of Palestinian Fisherman and Attack on Fishing Vessels by Water Cannons and Arms
Source:; Date: September 18, 2008; Length: 1:52

The fishermen have been threatened with death if they bring any more international human right workers on the boat to witness.

Israeli Navy Attacks Palestinian Fisherman off the Shores of Gaza
Source: International human rights workers; Date: September 1, 2008; Length: 1:37

Palestinian Fishermen Resist Water Cannon Assault by Israeli Navy
Source: Gazan videographer; Date: October 8, 2008; Length: 2:56

The people are sprayed by high-pressure and -velocity water. The water eventually destroys the engine compartments. Fisherman have been held and boats impounded for days, putting more pressure on food supplies these vessels provide.

Israelis Fire on Farmers with International Rights Workers present.
Source: Gazan videographer; Date: February 7, 2009; Length: 2:53

Farmers Being Attacked in Their Fields
Source: Gazan videographer; Date: February 20, 2009; Length: 2:35

Interviews with Activists with Farmers
Source: (Iranian state-sponsored media); Date: February 8, 2009; Length: 2:36

Graphic Video Released by an Israeli Human-Rights Group
Source: Al Jazeera; Date: July 20, 2008; Length: 1:24

Video obtained during clashes between Israeli troops and demonstrators protesting against the separation barrier on the West Bank. Includes comments from representative of Israeli human-rights group B'TSelem.

Unarmed Aid Ship Meets Israeli Navy
Source: Ishmahil Blagrove, Films; Date: July 11, 2009; Length: 9:16

The Free Spirit, carrying humaniarian aid, is met by the Israeli Navy off the coast of Gaza with Former Congressman and Nobel Peace Prize winner on board.

Occupation 101
Source:, Triple Eye Films; Date: 2006; Length: 2:10

Excerpt from a thought-provoking and powerful documentary film on the current and historical root causes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Gaza Blockade Denial
Source: Inside Story, Al Jazeera; Date: January 2009; Length: 4:50

Josua Muravchik repeatedly claims there was no blockade of Gaza and is debated hotly by the host and other guests of Al Jazeera English TV's "Inside Story" news show.

Israeli Settlers Beating Elder Palestinian Woman
Source: BBC News; Date: June 2008; Length: 2:06

Documentation of settler attack is captured on video by Muna Nawajaa, a young Palestinian woman, using one of the approximately 100 video cameras handed out to Palestinians by B'Tselem, an Israeli human-rights group. Read and see more here:

Various videos: Israeli Settlers striking Palestinian Shepherds with Bats, Stoning of Palestinian Neighbors
Source:; dates and times vary

The Hidden Truth about Palestine (part 2 of 10)
Source: Occupation 101 (documentary), Triple Eye Films; Date: 2006; Length: 9:34

According to an Israeli human-rights group, "the Palestinians are not seen as equal." Israeli historians say the Balfour Declaration of 1917 was the beginning of the conflict. Very good.

Why Are You Here? Israeli Refuseniks in the UK
Source: British documentary producer Aviel Lewis; Date: September 2007; Length: 3:45

Major Rami Kaplan, the highest-ranking Israeli to refuse military service: "There are times you can't be there anymore because it's against your most sacred values." Discusses how difficult it is to take the abuse from the audience — "people with hatred in their eyes. It's not a pleasant experience. ... When they call me a traitor, it's not easy to hear. ... When they call me a fascist, it's ridiculous, so I don't care. ... And the problem is that those of us who believe that the best way of supporting the State of Israel is to think critically are marginalized and are regarded as renegades and traitors within the community."

Israeli Forces Shoot Activist from Oakland, CA, USA, 2/2/09
Source: Amy Goodman's Democracy Now!; Date: March 2009; Length: 6:54

American Jew speaks from Israel. Live footage of Israel Army shooting citizens like they are out hunting.

If Americans Only Knew
Source:; Date: July 2006; Length: 5:37

Excellent Film trailer.

AIPAC, The Israel Lobby
Source: VPRO Video (, Netherlands); Date: December 2007; Length: 8:05

AIPAC is Israel's Lobby Operating in the US. It is one of the most powerful lobbies or maybe the most powerful in the world. Amount of aid to Israel and unquestioned support in UN. Not being able to debate the issue in the US.

Crimes against the Torah
Date: June 2008; Length: 9:37

An Anti-Zionist Rabbi makes many valid points.

Another Video of the Same Rabbi
Date: January 2009; Length: 9:58

Rabbi telling the truth about Gaza. "We shall not kill, we shall not steal. ... Know about the truth of Zionism. This is what Zionism does. You can only ridicule, you cannot answer. ...This is not a religious conflict — it is all caused by Zionism." Interesting.

The Truth about the 2009 Gaza Massacre
Source:; Date: January 10, 2009; Length: 6:22

Use of chemical weapons, illegal under Geneva Conventions. Actual footage, not for the faint-of-heart.

Prof. Avi Shlaim on the Israeli Offensive during the War in Gaza
Date: January 2009; Length: 9:01

A Professor of International Relations at the University of Oxford who has served in the Israeli Army says, "Israeli propaganda has been churning out lie after lie after lie" about the Israeli offensive during the war in Gaza, and outlines several of them. To the point.

Israeli Soldiers Refuse To Serve In Palestine: Part 1 (2002)
Source: CBS News, 60 Minutes; Date: May 2008; Length: 6:40

A report about 450 people who refused to fight and were willing to go to jail in 2002. One says: "Every moment, I thought that what I was doing was wrong." Gaza haunted them. They wrote a letter about the settlements and went public: "We hereby declare that we shall not continue to fight this war of the settlements...We shall not fight in order to dominate, expel, starve and humiliate an entire people. ..." Something in the heart is torn apart. "We are not playing this anymore." Poor quality sound and picture, but informative.

Israeli Soldiers Refuse To Serve In Palestine: Part 2 (2002)
Source: CBS News, 60 Minutes; Date: May 2008; Length: 6:33

A famous Israeli hero and legend of the 1967 war sent a letter to ask the Israeli Army to stop working in the Occupied Territories and to stop hitting civilian targets. A high-ranking refusnik explains why he won't serve in the Occupied Territories any more. Informative.

War and Natural Gas: The Israeli Invasion and Gaza's Offshore Gas Fields
Source: Centre for Research on Globalization (Canada); Date: January 2009; Length: 1:55

Israeli Attack that Killed Mother of Five
Source: CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation); Date: June 2006; Length: 2:57

CNN Anchor Debates Israeli Spokesperson about Israel Hitting a Building Containing Women and Children
Source: CNN; Date: July 2006; Length: 4:20

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Boycott Movement

In Spring 2008, Hampshire College became the first US college to divest from the Israeli occupation—33 years after they became the first US college to divest from Apartheid South Africa. We are proud to announce the 2009 National Campus Boycott, Divestment,Sanctions Conference, taking place Nov20th - Nov 22nd at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. Find out more and register.

Israeli Citizen and Professor [at Ben Gurion University] Calls on a Boycott of Israel, LA Times, August 20, 2009
South Africa Backs GM, Ford, IBM Apartheid Lawsuit, Bloomberg, September 3, 2009

Join the growing international boycott movement: Act on your conscience with your money.

One of the most potent tools we have available to us as conscious, concerned people, stems from our ability as consumers to choose not to buy products of a corporation that is profiting from behavior which is questionable from a moral and legal standpoint.

Justpeacemideast has researched other sites focussing on the boycott effort and identified corporations who we believe are profiting from the Israeli occupation and imprisonment of the Palestinian people. These companies do business in Israel. Some of them such as Estee Lauder, which market beauty products and Sara Lee, the food product manufacturer, have CEOs who are very active in their support of the Israeli occupation.

This list is not exhaustive: we have identified the best known brand names. We ask that instead of giving your business to these corporations, instead try looking for an alternative brand. By making an informed choice and exercising consumer power you can make a difference.

In the wake of the recent death toll in Gaza (January 2009 invasion), when over 1,300 Palestinians were killed, Israeli economists have started to report the growing impact of the international boycott and divestment campaign on the Israeli economy. Just as with apartheid S.Africa in the 1980s this movement can make a crucial difference over time by targeting the most vulnerable part of the state which is its economy. Money talks in a way nothing else can. By making the occupation of Palestine economically prohibitive, Israel will be forced to negotiate an end to its unsustainable policies. The growing international boycott and divestment campaign is attracting support from both non-Jews and Jews as the recent vote by Independent Jewish Voices of Canada to support the campaign demonstrates.

We would encourage you not only to boycott these companies but to contact their representatives and tell them why you are refusing to buy their products. This way they become fully aware of how their actions are affecting their profits.

These are well known companies that do business with Israel and thus indirectly finance the occupation.

Shareholder and Divestment Action

If you own stock in any of these companies you have the right to attend shareholder meetings to register your protest and vote to withdraw company investment in the Israeli economy.

Another option is to organize and pressure institutions such as colleges or city councils to divest their holdings in companies that support Israel's occupation. At present the only national party to embrace divestment from Israel is the Green Party. The only college in the US to commit to divestment is Hampshire College although the college has claimed that this policy was aimed at companies that violated its policies on socially responsible investments. There have been a number of, so far, unsuccessful attempts to persuade city councils to divest.

The following is a list (not exhaustive) of the most well known corporations that directly or indirectly support Israel's military occupation by providing services:

Shareholder and Divestiture Action
General Electric General Dynamics Lockheed Martin Corporation
Raytheon United Tech Corp. Citygroup Inc.
Honeywell Intl. Sun Microsystems Inc. Hewlett-Packard
Caterpillar Boeing Northrop Grumman

If you want to be part of the international movement for nonviolent action in support of political change in the Middle East: this is your opportunity.

Take a Stand for Peace and Justice.

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