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I am really concerned about what's going on in Israel/Palestine.

We have a great potential influence on the Mideast because the US is funding Israel with billions of dollars every year. So as citizens we have a duty to understand what's going on there, to visualize a peaceful solution and to encourage our government to take a position that leads to peace.

Educating American citizens is an important step in changing US policy and what our tax dollars are doing in the region. To help inform citizens to lobby Obama and Congress for a peaceful solution in the Middle East is the mission of

In fourteen minutes, by watching we can gain an understanding of about 80% of the news even our elected officials are unlikely to receive about Israel/Palestine which may come as a surprise to us.

Please take some time to review this important and revealing information and do whatever you can toward peace in the Middle East by writing to congress (letter to modify available) and telling friends.


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