Just Peace Mid East

Mission Statement

The human tragedy that is benignly referred to as the “Israel-Palestine conflict” continues to worsen, propelled both by the inertia of international politics and the basest elements inherent in human nature. While the United Nations seems impotent to take effective action, and the Obama Administration is trapped in a multidimensional political conundrum, the cries of outrage and calls for action, from established humans rights organizations (e.g., Amnesty International) and many newer grass roots organizations formed specifically in response to the unchecked suffering (e.g., Jewish Voice for Peace) have become a chorus.

Why then do we need another group, one that is new, centered in a local area, small, and without significant financial resources? What unique contributions can we make to the cause of a lasting and just peace, that one or more of the many other groups focused on this topic are not?

Our intention in forming JustPeaceMideast is bring concerned citizens together to learn about the complex history that led to the current impasse, and to become fully informed about what is taking place at present. We wish to help the many Americans and others around the world whose knowledge of the situation is limited to the superfifcial sound bytes of the corporate media, and have not been able to study this complicated subject thoroughly, by directing them to valuable sources of information and facts as we discover them.

We are a small group of Americans (some of us are foreign born) representing a broad range of religious and ethnic backgrounds who, driven by our outrage and compassion for those whose lives are being destroyed, must heed our consciences. As responsible citizens, we cannot ignore the role the US government is playing in in the continuation of human suffering. It is imperative that the American public be fully informed about U.S. policy with respect to Israel and Palestine, including how much of our tax dollars are being spent and for what purpose. Only from a position of thorough knowledge and the American people make informed decisions about their country's policies in this area and exercise democracy as it was intended to be.

To be sure, this matter is very complex, emotional and politically charged. However, we see that the highly polarized situation that now exists between Israel and the Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza is not sustainable. We must work together to find a solution that is sustainable, peaceful and just.

We hope that you will join us in our quest for peace. The starting point is to learn as much as possible, and we hope that our organization can be helpful in that regard. Then ask yourself what you can do today for peace. The time is now.

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